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The temple is a second home to most of the devotees who come inside. It's almost impossible to move out when you are connected with a loving glance of Baba in the temple. The temple offers various seva opportunities for the devotees of all ages first home for most.


The Men come around and help with the lot of volunteer activities in not only helping the temple but to support various activities. We have also a team that helps in the kitchen. We also have teams who support the annual clean up drives.

The Sai’s bhakths help in a variety of outdoor activities like procuring groceries, shopping for supplies, and any labor intensive activities like painting the interior walls, cleanup, trash disposal etc. The temple also takes great pride in contributing to the environment. For every special event, there is a huge amount of disposable waste, and all plastic and paper ware are diligently recycled.

The men also have a great role to play in the kitchen during bhandara preparation. There’s a proverb that Hyderabadi cuisine has two famous ingredients – fursat and mohabbat (implying that good food takes time to prepare and needs dedication).

The tricky thing about bhandara is that, there’s an abundance of Mohabbat, But Fursat has always been a scarce commodity, and bhandara, being Prasad, the preparation is always time bound, and needs to scale up at short notice, based on devotee turnout. You can see right in front of your eyes, a meal for 300 bhaktas being prepared by just three bhandara volunteers in less than two hours. And mind you, all these chefs have full time jobs in totally non-culinary professions.

Several times a year, they get together on Friday nights, for some real cool fun. The most recent being the painting of the interior walls of the temple halls. In addition, several cleanups are carried out throughout the year, for kitchen, community center, etc., Yes, clean is cool!

When the muscles are not in action inside the temple, they (and their families) are busy outdoors, taking part in charity walks, blood donation drives etc. Since inception, NESSP has constantly been organizing, contributing to and participating in social causes.

Earlier this year, a late spring Sunday was brighter in more ways than one. Braving the pollen, undeterred by the rain forecast, thousands of young and old, little and large feet turned up, to join the fight against one of mankind's worst enemies.

This was the first time that the Parivaar fielded a team in the 14th annual Team walk for Cancer Care, held by Lowell General Hospital, on Sunday, May 19th 2013. With members ranging from 4 to 50 years, close to 50 people took part in both 5 K and 10 K versions of the of the walk, raising funds of more than $ 1000 - a notable achievement for a first timer team - an effort much appreciated by the organizers. The surprising statistic being that, close to a quarter of NESSP's team were not even 10 years old. The youngest walker was actually a week shy of his 4th birthday. Just restating that, one small step for a man can become a giant leap for mankind.


Women have a special place of respect, in our culture right from the ancient ages, and have made significant contributions to society, across the centuries gone. It is no different within the NESSP family as well. You will always find a large group of ladies, intensely focused on decorating Baba’s murthis, or wrapping garlands around the Palkhi, preparing laddoos and pooris for bhandara, or distributing the Udi, harathi, Teerth, Prasad, and singing bhajans. One look at all the women dressed in colorful traditional attire, feels as though there’s always a function going on, and adds a festive look to the temple on any day. Apart from the spiritual activities, we also have several sisters of the parivaar, participating in philanthropic activities like back-to-school charities, or conducting classical music and dance classes etc.

On every Thursday, both murthis of Baba are draped in new robes, and on festival days, the particular deity’s moorthi is also decorated and worshipped.

Its amazing to note that most of the Sai sisters have atleast two other fulltime commitments, a regular job at the office, and of course the regular job at home. One may wonder, how do they divide their time among all these priorities? Answer is, when you serve with love, you never divide; you multiply it. All you wonderful women volunteers, Tujhe Salaam!


Families are foundation for any system and in addition to specific activites for each age group we also offer all encompassing family actiivies. These include picnics , Katha , Palkhi Celebration in side and outside temple. The families can also sing up, do volunteer seva and serve baba on their special days.


The temple is open EVERY DAY and we offer ALL 4 Aartis like the Shirdi Sai Sansthan Shirdi. Please see our Aarti timings.


A lot of kids and youth activites are held on weekends. We also have a lot cultural activities and provide a platform to the upcoming talent in the New England area.

We have Baba's Mangala Snanam every Sunday at 10.00 AM.


We have cricket tournaments for the grownup and regular scheduled Chess class every Sunday for young kids.


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